Dan Smolen

dan_smolenDan Smolen is Managing Director of The Green Suits, LLC.

As a nationally recognized recruiter, podcaster, serial entrepreneur, marketer, environmental and public policy activist, and author of Tailoring the Green Suit: Empowering Yourself for an Executive Career in the New Green Economy, Dan brings a unique perspective to career development and supporting hiring managers and talent in the New Green Economy. A native of New Haven, Connecticut, he spent his adolescence in Montgomery County, Maryland. It was there, in 1978, that his lifelong involvement with environmental issues began.

Dan possesses expertise in the digital and direct marketing field. He served in senior sales and management roles for Clarion Marketing & Communications, Barry Blau & Partners, and Donnelley Marketing. His clients included many well-known brands:  Alitalia Airlines,  American Cancer Society, American Express, Cadillac Motor Division, Dreyfus Service Corporation, Pepsi, 3M, and Toys “R” Us .

What is more, he has developed intellectual property. In 1999, Dan received a U.S. patent for technology designed to build dynamic (ever-changing) profiles of consumers’ brand and category preferences.

Talent Recruitment

In 1998, Dan joined Victoria James Executive Search as Vice President and Executive Recruiter. He helped scale VJES into one of the fastest-growing digital/direct recruitment agencies in the U.S.

In 2005, he left to hang his own shingle as Dan Smolen Direct Search, LLC. In 2010, that company became The Green Suits, LLC; the re-brand reflects our expansion into talent recruitment, workforce development, and success management benefiting renewable energy, Cleantech, resource sustainability, corporate social responsibility, green marketing (including digital/direct marketing and marketing insight), and conventional companies eager to become green, sustainable, and socially conscious.

Dan is a graduate of the Ithaca College Park School of Communications in Ithaca, New York, and lives in the Northern Virginia Suburbs of Washington, D.C.


The Tightrope with Dan Smolen
, launched in 2017. The podcast speaks to the hopes and dreams–but also fears and anxieties–of professionals seeking success in today’s turbulent workforce and world. Guests include thought-leaders from the recruitment, workforce empowerment, business, media, academia, public service, and social good sectors.


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